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Justin Lehmiller's Sex and Psychology blog is packed with psychology-based sexuality articles that will clear up myths and help you discover more about your own sexuality.Why Sex and Psychology is a Top Relationship Blog: Those who are curious about their own sexuality, or just want to learn more about sexuality in the modern world, will find a lot of fascinating content on this blog.The fact that people feel comfortable saying from the start that they're looking for a serious relationship is probably one of the most attractive things about online dating.

Many sites require a fee and some people can't afford to do this (though, the fee must be much more affordable than constant dates).

Read: For Men with ADHD Who Aren't Convinced it Matters Follow @msorlov Rewriting the Rules Rewriting the Rules is a blog that takes a modern view on love, sexuality, and relationships, and features a lot of great queer-friendly content.

Why Rewriting the Rules is a Top Relationship Blog: Readers searching for modern views on relationships and queer-friendly relationship advice and think pieces will find a lot to love about this blog.

Read: Coming out day: Non-binary gender Q&AFollow @megjohnbarker Love and Life Toolbox Love and Life Toolbox is a blog that helps couples grow closer and individuals discover their happiness through professional therapeutic advice and tools.

Lisa Brookes Kift's goal is to empower individuals and couples to be happy within themselves and with each other.

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